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Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to infuse some spooky excitement into your company’s team-building activities. While the traditional trust falls and icebreakers have their place, there’s something uniquely bonding about facing your fears together. That’s where haunted houses, like the Cinema of Horrors Haunted House in Kelso, WA, come into play.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why fall company team building events at haunted houses are a fantastic choice, how they can benefit your organization, and why Cinema of Horrors should be at the top of your list for this thrilling experience.

Why Choose a Haunted House for Team Building?

  1. Unforgettable Memories: Team building activities are most effective when they create lasting memories. Few experiences are as unforgettable as navigating a haunted house together, where everyone’s adrenaline is pumping, and screams and laughter fill the air.
  2. Communication Skills: Successful navigation of a haunted house requires clear and effective communication. It’s an excellent way for teams to practice giving and receiving instructions, fostering better communication skills in the workplace.
  3. Building Trust: Trust is the foundation of any successful team. Going through the twists and turns of a haunted house together builds trust as team members rely on each other to face their fears.
  4. Stress Relief: In a haunted house, the fear factor is high, but the consequences are low. This controlled environment allows team members to release stress and tension in a fun and safe way.
  5. Boosting Morale: Participating in a thrilling, fear-inducing activity can boost team morale. The sense of accomplishment and shared experience can create a positive and fun atmosphere in the workplace.
  6. Creativity and Problem-Solving: Haunted houses often present challenges that require creative problem-solving. Encouraging your team to think outside the box in a haunted setting can translate to innovative thinking back at the office.
  7. Team Bonding: Facing fear together can create a strong bond among team members. Sharing stories, laughter, and even the occasional scream can foster a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the haunted house.

Why Cinema of Horrors Haunted House?

Located in Kelso, WA, Cinema of Horrors is the ultimate destination for your fall company team building event. Here’s why:

1. Varied Haunt Experiences: Cinema of Horrors offers a variety of haunted attractions, each with its own spine-tingling theme. This means you can tailor the experience to your team’s comfort level, ensuring everyone has a thrilling but enjoyable time.

2. Professional and Safe: Safety is a top priority at Cinema of Horrors. Their team of skilled actors and staff ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. You can focus on team building without worrying about unexpected scares.

3. Accessibility and Convenience: Kelso’s central location makes it easily accessible to companies and groups from Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas. Plus, Cinema of Horrors offers group rates and ticket packages, making the planning process a breeze.

4. Terrifyingly Fun: Cinema of Horrors consistently ranks among the top haunted attractions in the region, known for its immersive and spine-chilling experiences. Your team will be talking about this for months to come!

5. Online Ticketing: Booking your group outing is simple with online ticketing options. This means you can reserve your spots in advance and focus on building excitement within your team.

How to Plan Your Fall Company Team Building Event at Cinema of Horrors:

  1. Choose Your Date: Coordinate with your team to find a date that works for everyone. Remember, Cinema of Horrors opens on September 29th, 2023, and runs through the Halloween season.
  2. Determine Your Group Size: Find out how many team members are interested in joining the outing. Remember, the more, the merrier!
  3. Select Your Haunts: Depending on your team’s preferences and comfort levels, choose the haunts you’d like to experience. Cinema of Horrors offers a variety of attractions, so there’s something for everyone.
  4. Book Your Tickets: Visit Cinema of Horrors’ website and take advantage of their group ticketing options. This will help you secure your preferred date and time.
  5. Prepare Your Team: Send out a pre-event communication to your team with details about the outing, what to expect, and any specific instructions. Encourage everyone to come dressed comfortably and ready for a thrilling adventure.
  6. Post-Event Celebration: After braving the haunted house together, consider a post-event celebration to discuss your experiences, share stories, and bond even further.

In Conclusion

Fall company team building events at haunted houses like Cinema of Horrors in Kelso, WA, offer a unique and memorable way to strengthen your team’s bonds, improve communication, and boost morale. With a variety of haunted attractions to choose from and a focus on safety, Cinema of Horrors provides the ideal setting for your next team-building adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your group outing today and get ready to scream, laugh, and build lasting memories with your team at Cinema of Horrors Haunted House.

Ready to experience the ultimate team-building adventure? Secure your group tickets for Cinema of Horrors now and prepare for a Halloween season you’ll never forget!